Web needs a tech fix for the Rehtaeh ‘dating site’ outrage

Facebook has banned the dating company Ionechat. In April, Parsons made headlines across Canada after she was taken off life support following an attempt to take her own life. Her family described it as an act of desperation following an alleged sexual assault and multiple instances of cyberbullying. In an interview with CBC, Carmi Levy, an independent technology analyst, says that it is shockingly easy for a company to harvest images for promotional purposes. In many cases, they do not stop to examine whether images are appropriate, which can result in situations like this one. The aftermath of this situation brings to light the privacy concerns Facebook users felt when the social network went public in May Many questioned how online profiles would be used and whether content would be harvested by companies for marketing and promotional purposes. The advertisement from Ionechat.

Dating Site Ad Uses Rehtaeh Parsons Image

The owner of an online dating company says he shut down his website after he mistakenly used a photo of Rehtaeh Parsons — a bullied Nova Scotia teen who killed herself — in an ad on Facebook. Anh Dung of Vietnam, the owner of ionechat. He also tweeted two versions of the ad featuring different photos of Parsons. Supreme bad taste: a dating site’s Facebook ad is using a picture of Rehteah Parsons. In a statement e-mailed Wednesday morning, Facebook said the ad is a “gross violation of our ad policies and we have removed the ad and permanently deleted the advertiser’s account.

The owner of an online dating company says he shut down his website after he mistakenly used a photo of Rehtaeh Parsons — a bullied Nova.

Robert Currie of Dalhousie University in Halifax said companies are increasingly using automated programs that rip photos from websites, and it was only a matter of time before the now-ubiquitous image of the year-old girl wound up somewhere it shouldn’t have. But it’s just the kind of thing that is going to happen.

The ads for Ionechat. Meet Canadian girls and women for friendship, dating or relationships. Parsons hanged herself in April and was taken off life-support days later. Her family says her death was brought on by months of bullying following an alleged sexual assault.

Online dating site uses photo of dead Canadian

Bullied teen’s photo used to advertise dating website. Parents of a Canadian girl who killed herself after months of cyber-bullying following a rape were sickened on Wednesday that her image was used to advertise an online dating service. Facebook sorry for advertisement showing photo of dead girl. Facebook has apologized after a dating ad featuring the photo of a Canada teen who died after months of bullying was posted on its site. Canada police reopen investigation of alleged rape of teen who hanged herself.

Authorities are reopening the case of a teen who hanged herself after she was allegedly raped and bullied for months, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police said Friday.

On April 4, , Rehtaeh Parsons a year-old former Cole Harbour District High School Her death has been attributed to online distribution of photos of an alleged gang rape that occurred 17 months prior to her suicide, in November dates from February · Pages using infobox event with blank parameters.

The year-old victim of one of the most horrific cyberbullying incidents in the past year made news again almost six months after her death when her photo appeared in an online dating ad on Facebook. Canadian teenager Rehtaeh Parsons was reportedly gang-raped at a friend’s house when she was Photos of the alleged assault by teenage boys were shared on the Internet, spreading throughout her high school and town in the days after the event.

This April, after several years had passed, Parsons attempted to take her life, ended up in a coma, and died when she was taken off life support. They have her in an ad for meeting singles. Signup now! The online dating site’s misuse of Parson’s image is likely a coincidence, though an ugly one, given the widely shared photos of her alleged assault. Parsons, who was reportedly intoxicated at the time of the incident, said she remembered little of the encounter.

The fallout of the resulting photos however, became unbearably stark.

Facebook deletes dating website advertisements featuring Rehtaeh Parsons

The ad, in which “Find love in Canada! Meet Canadian girls and women for friendship, dating or relationships. Signup now! Andrew Ennals , a copy writer, said he alerted Facebook to the ad when he spotted it on his page at around p. ET, and it was later taken down. The link led to a site called ionechat.

Facebook Apologizes After Rehtaeh Parsons Photo Appears in Dating Ad to find it after the fact, it depends on someone bumping into it, happenstance online.

In response to Parsons’ suicide, Nova Scotia enacted a law in August allowing victims to seek protection from cyberbullying and to sue the perpetrator. In November , Rehtaeh Parsons, then 15, allegedly went with a friend to a home in which she was reportedly raped by four teenage boys. Parsons had little memory of the event, except that, at one point, she vomited while a boy was allegedly raping her. The incident was photographed and the photo became widespread in Parsons’ school and town in three days.

Afterwards, many in school called Parsons a ” slut ” and she received text messages and Facebook messages from people requesting to have sex with her. The alleged rape went unreported for several days until Parsons broke down and told her family, who contacted an emergency health team and the police. According to an RCMP report, in March , six boys, including some of Parsons’ accused rapists, had an angry argument with three other boys.

One of the three boys, who was a friend of Parsons, was stabbed and treated for a “non-life-threatening injury”. A year following the alleged rape, the RCMP concluded an investigation stating, “[an] investigation into an earlier sexual assault was completed, and in consultation with the Crown , there was insufficient evidence to lay charges”. Following the suicide, the RCMP announced they were reviewing the case. In September , one of the boys, by then 20, pleaded guilty to a charge of making child pornography in relation to the photo of Parsons.

Also in November , the second person charged, then 19, pleaded guilty to a charge of distributing child pornography, in relation to the photo of himself and Parsons.

Dating website owner feels ‘guilty’ for using Rehtaeh Parsons’ pic in Facebook ad

This copy is for your personal non-commercial use only. The administrator of the online matchmaker that used the image of Rehtaeh Parsons has apologized. It’s accidental. I did not expect it to cause serious consequences.

Facebook apologises for dating ad images of Rehtaeh Parsons That website is no longer online and its owner could not be reached for.

Police arrested the man on Tuesday in Shearwater, N. Yves Desbiens confirmed Wednesday. The man has since been released from custody. Military police say the investigation continues. They refused to make any statement about the identity of the arrested man. CTV News reported Wednesday that the suspect is the father of one of the men convicted in the Parsons case. The broadcaster did not name the man so as not to identify the son, whose identity is banned under the Youth Criminal Justice Act.

Family of Rehtaeh Parsons could sue over Facebook ad, says Halifax lawyer

Twitter has exploded with angry reaction after Facebook ads for an online dating site featured images of bullying victim Rehtaeh Parsons. Parsons, 17, died earlier this year after being taken off life support following a suicide attempt. The Halifax teen had been bullied for months after an alleged sexual assault. Canadian Facebook users noticed the photos of the teen on Tuesday, in ads that link users to iOnechat.

The online dating site was using a photo of Rehtaeh Parsons, a year-old Halifax girl who died after a suicide attempt, followed by months of.

The subject who is truly loyal to the Chief Magistrate will neither advise nor submit to arbitrary measures. Rehtaeh Parsons is shown in a handout photo from the Facebook tribute page “Angel Rehtaeh. This article was published more than 6 years ago. Some information in it may no longer be current. There are times that the Internet feels like humanity’s crowning achievement, and moments it seems like a cesspool filled with our very worst.

It was the latter of those sentiments that came to mind recently, when pictures of Rehtaeh Parsons — the Nova Scotia girl who committed suicide after images of her alleged rape were circulated — were used in a Facebook ad for a dating site. It was easy to believe that the same cruelty that many suppose contributed to Parsons’ suicide was again at work.

Rehtaeh Parsons (Glen Canning)